Halal is an Arabic term which translates literally to “permissible”, the Islamic economy is the fourth largest bloc in the world. Day by day the Global Halal market increases in demand. Yet there is no avenue which allows users to “feel safe and assured” whilst purchasing products. However, here we present BazaarNow, UK’s FIRST online halal E-Marketplace designed to make it easier for traders across the UK to do business ethically and efficiently.

BazaarNow represents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain halal certification and immediately gain access to the online market allowing them to sell to millions of potential customers. We also provide consumers who have strong and growing appetites for ecommerce an online market which consist of thousands of products/services which are all in one place.

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Merchants Come Free of Charge

  We provide our FIRST 100 Merchants the Highest seller Ranking.

  A whole Year Commission Free.

  Another Stream of Revenue for your Business.

  Be able to place your products in a Marketplace Full of Halal consumers.

  Platform to go Global.

  Cancel anytime, No Commitment.

Prior to the cusp of our initial launch we offer the first 100 merchants to be able to take part for free with the highest level of priority. We Promise to have a positive impact on your business allowing your business to have another stream of revenue. The first 100 merchants will be granted with a gold ranking which is our highest seller rank and a whole year commission free. For those businesses who support the halal lifestyle this is an ideal opportunity for them to gain access to a marketplace busy full of halal consumers.


Instant Halal Certification

We Provide Our Merchants  the Platform to go Global.

UK’s Largest and First Halal E-Marketplace

We promise to have a positive impact on your business.

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